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Bass Fishing Duck Lake

Article and photos submitted by Jesse Martin

Duck Lake near Creston has been long regarded as the finest Largemouth Bass fishing lake in B.C. and this reputation is well-deserved.   Outdoor Canada magazine has even recognized Duck Lake as ranking among the top ten bass lakes in Canada.   Why is this?  Because:  you can start fishing anywhere around the lake and expect to catch fish.  While the fishing has slowed down somewhat due to the exposure the lake has received and the amount of fish retained by local fishermen, it’s still a top-notch bass fishery.  

Experienced bass fishermen will notice one thing right away about Duck Lake, and that is the apparent lack of structure at work.  This is because Duck Lake is basically a large, shallow bowl in the middle of a field averaging 3 to 4 feet deep.  It’s big, and it’s wide, and because of this, the bass don’t relate to the shoreline like they do in most lakes in B.C., but rather particular weedlines around the lake.  Find the right weedline, and you’ll find the best concentrations of fish. 

Because of the lack of structure, the best strategy for bass fishing Duck Lake is to cover as much water as you can until you find out where the fish are holding best, and the best way to do this is to use fast-moving lures such as spinnerbaits or crankbaits.  Topwater frogs and buzzbaits can also be a lot of fun when the fish are aggressive.   When the fish are less aggressive, rubber worms are popular, with black texas-rigged Sluggos a local standard for the lake.  

Part of the reason Duck Lake has been such an excellent fishery for so long is because of the difficulty of lake access.  There is no developed launch for the lake, and there is a complete motor restriction due to the fact the lake is a nature sanctuary.  This can make for a lot of rowing, especially when the winds whip up from the valley.  Best access for the lake is from the south shore where there are several pull-outs you can park your vehicle at for the day.  Like Erie Lake, your best bet is a car-topping rowboat or a canoe. 

If you’re looking for gear, Mawson’s Sports in Creston has a good selection of bass gear, as does the Sirdar Gas Station on the east-side of Duck Lake.  Make sure to bring strong gear as there are stories of double-digit bass coming from this lake, and enough 3+ pounders to give your gear a test. 

Want to know more about the B.C. Bass Fishing scene?  Check out Jesse’s Western Canada blog at www.wfn.tv for more information, or go to the WFN Western Canada Facebook Page for up-to-date info.    


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