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Bass Fishing Erie Lake

Article and photos submitted by Jesse Martin

Erie Lake has some of the best Largemouth Bass fishing in the entire interior of British Columbia.  With fish averaging in the 1 to 3 pound range, the size is there, and with experienced bass anglers able to expect 30-50 fish per day in the warmer months, the numbers are there as well.  The biggest bass I’ve seen out of Erie is a 6 pound 5 ounce specimen my dad pulled out back in 1998, but 5 pounders are possible anyday. 

Bass anglers should focus on the weedy areas such as the large weedbeds in the middle of the lake.  Early in the year, bass will be shallow and feeding aggressively prior to the spawn, however, in the months of May and June, the bass move to their spawning beds and become susceptible to anglers.  Anglers are encouraged to release adult bass at this time of the year to protect the population, as bass grow slowly and the females on the beds are often the biggest bass in the lake. 

Texas-rigged rubber worms work well throughout the season, with reaction baits such as spinnerbaits and crankbaits working better when the fish are most active during low-light conditions.  But doing research will pay off, as the Largemouth Bass in Erie Lake will strike the same lures as the ones in Alabama and Texas that you’ll see caught on TV.  If you’re looking for some real excitement, try going after them on the surface with a popper or a buzzbait. 

In addition to the solid bass population, Erie Lake also has good numbers of Pumpkinseed Sunfish, which won’t grow bigger than your hand, but put up a great fight and are easy to catch for beginning anglers.  In the past ten years, Yellow Perch have taken over the lake after an illegal introduction and their fiercely competitive nature and prodigious reproduction has hurt the populations of other fish.  Anglers looking to take home something for the dinner table would do well to harvest some perch, which have a liberal limit of 20 fish per day and a pleasant white meat.  Finally, there is a population of good-sized Brook Trout in the lake as well, which grow up to 3 pounds and will occasionally strike the same lures as bass.

There is one primitive boat launch on Erie Lake that can make for some challenging launching with a trailer.  A canoe or car-topper is ideal for Erie Lake.   If you’re looking to gear up, Canadian Tire in Castlegar is your best bet for local bass fishing tackle, but if you’re coming from the West, the Tempo Gas Station in Christina Lake or Home Hardware in Osoyoos also have a selection of bass gear.  Coming from the east, Mawson’s Sports in Creston is your best bet.

Want to know more about the B.C. Bass Fishing scene?  Check out Jesse’s Western Canada blog at www.wfn.tv for more information, or go to the WFN Western Canada Facebook Page for up-to-date info.    


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